What did I do?

Hi everyone,

I will go to SK II counter every month to do magic ring skin analysis, for the past 2 month, my skin age is 25, with dehydrated skin and invisible wrinkles. I am aware of those ‘weakness’ so I am working hard on getting those things right.

First of all, let’s have a look at my overall result, my skin age is 23, WOOHOO! firmness and wrinkle resilience has improved a lot, but, texture and spot control has kinda went the other way round, nonetheless, we need to celebrate when there is improvement right.

I did the analysis without make up on, and I am really proud of that! I had make up on the first time when i did it as i wouldn’t dare to face my freckles, LOL.

So, what did i do the past month to achieve this. I Was doing night duty for 2 weeks and i thought my skin is going to be very bad, so, I drink a lot of water during night shift, increase the frequency of me using a mask, and added oil into my skincare routine, esp on my cheeks. In addition, I drink my fruit smoothie without fail everyday and that helps a lot with my skin and digestive system.

My under eye is much hydrated now and I am really excited about that as the lines was quite obvious previously. I am using Lancome’s visionnaire Yeux. I was told SK II is going to release a new eye cream and I will give that a go soon.

My skincare routine when I need that extra care:
1) Clean my face with clarisonic (remember to clean your brush regularly, change your brush head to prevent breakouts and most importantly, choose a brush head that is suitable for you)
2) I will use a Mask (Gel type to boost hydration, currently using SK II’s skin rebooster)
3) Toner (I use a thin cotton pad to GENTLY wipe my face in an upward motion)
4) Essence (I use SK II’s Facial Treatment essence and will change to Estee Lauder’s Microessence as I want to try that out)
5) Serum (Lancome’s Advanced genifique and Vissionnaire) OR (SK II’s Whitening Spot Specialist first then SK II’s Stempower essence) OR (SK II’s Cellumination Aura Essence and SK II’s Stempower Essence)
6) Facial Oil (My favourite being Bio oil, or Kiehl’s midnight recovery at times)
7) Moisturiser (I was using Jurlique’s night recovery and I am using Amore Pacific’s Moisture bound rejuvenating creme as that was given to me by my dear friend Lillian)

Thanks for reading,


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