Beauty Supplements.

Hello Everyone,

I just finished night shift for the week and it’s time to celebrate this huge achievement. I hvnt seen a lot of post on beauty supplements, so, I have decided to write a post about that.

Introduction: We are living in an era that soil has lost its nutrients thus the food we eat nowadays arent as nutritious as in the  olden days. Secondly, we are exposed to more pollutants. Thirdly, we don’t sleep early and may need to stay up for work, etc. Fourthly, we are not eating well enough.

I started taking collagen supplement when I was 22 years old, I tried them, but not on a regular basis, I cannot see huge changes as I dont have lines and such. IN addition, technology was not as advanced during those days and collagen are mostly made from fish, I am not a big fan because of the ‘fishy’ aftertaste, also, they have large particles, making it hard for our body to absorb.

What is Collagen?

A kind of protein in our body which is the main component of the connective tissues. Collagen has a huge contribution to our muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, but, when it comes to skin, it gives elasticity so you look younger.


Why Do I Need to Take Collagen?

The formation of collagen decreased DRAMATICALLY after 25 YO, I Have heard a beauty guru saying that in this modern era, women should start replacing Collagen earlier as people tends to age earlier.


Alright, let’s have a look at the products that I am taking:

1) Milcolla: this particular product went crazy in Japan and Taiwan as a lot of artists are taking them, most importantly, the product was recommended in the most famous Taiwanese beauty show by a few very good beauty gurus. Why do I like it? first of all, it has got small molecules, 1/60 of normal collagen, meaning, easy absorption. IN fact, it is collagen peptide. Secondly, it has not got that ‘fishy’/’chemical’ smell. Taste like milk. Thirdly, it contained vit c to help formation of collagen, calcium, and some good bacteria to help with the GIT. Daily recommended intake is 7G daily. I bought my first pack from Taiwan which comes with a spoon, and I got the rest from Japan which did not come with a spoon. Good news is, thy come in little sachets as well, easy to travel with as well. A packet of 105G lasted 2 weeks. It is hard to mix with drinks, so I just add it in my smoothie and let the blender to the work. Advice: please do not use hot water as that will destroy the vit c. Price: around the $30 mark. (After weeks of taking it, friends have been saying that is skin looks better as I was working so hard and didn’t sleep and eat enough).


2) Blackmore’s nails, Hair and Skin health: contains silica (helps collagen formation), Horsetail (plant source of silica), Vit C (Helps collagen formation), folic acid, Vit B5, iron, Zinc (maintains healthy hair, skin nails),Biotin (essential vit for the hair). Results: No more split ends, yay! Price: Varies, get them on specials as that will save you some $.

3) Swisse’s Hair skin nails: same thing, in liquid form. I am lucky enough as my dear neighbour gave this to me. YAY. $$$ saved.

4) Mask house OHU supplement: Collagen supplement once again, ideal for snacks as it is actually a jelly and easy to travel with, on the go kinda thing. one strips is enough for a day. Price: 10 pieces for $25.00

5) Blackmore’s fish oil: amino acids and omega. =)


Thanks for reading. I think my brain will shut down soon. slept for 2 hours this morning after work and has been awake since.




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