July: New products

HI Everyone,

It has been a busy month for me, however, I have got the chance to try out a few products and I’d like to share my thoughts.

1) Neutrogena’s Make up Remover Cleansing Towelettes.
I bought the refil pack as I bought it when I was travelling to Melbourne while I was still living in Sydney. I personally prefers cleansing oil/cleansing milk. However, this is a good products, reasons being (a) my skin does not feel dry after cleaning using the wipes. (b) Take off make up adequaetely well, (I alwasy double clean my face with Clarisonic, again, personal preference) (c) The calming scent is really nice (d) Nice and quick, I normally use this when I am doing late-early shift.
Pack of 25 towelettes for around $7.

2) Kao’s Eye Mask Steam.
This was introduced by a very good friend of mine Miss Liu to this product. She has got a friend was studies in Japan and she can help us source products from Japan. There are times when my body just feels so tired but I cant sleep. I experienced that last Monday and I have decided to try this. First of all, it is a one use only product (great for me as I have OCD). The steam produced only goes up to 40 degrees, it feels so comfortable on the eyes and next thing I know, I am asleep already. It has got a few scents to choose (6 if I am not mistaken). The scent was calming and not too overwhelming. I woke up the next day feeling so refreshed, and my panda eyes has decreased in size, really happy with that. I will buy more to stock up as it was quite expensive when bought online. A good product to use post night shift. =)
Pack of 14 for $15

3) SK II Skin Rebooster.
My skin was dehydrated when I first moved to Melbourne. When I did the Magic ring skin analysis when I first came over, my skin aint that great, I Was introduced to this product by Steve Jan (National SKII ambassador). I really appreciate him leaving comments and advising what is best for me. Please check out his blog and that will lead you to his youtube channel (www.mrjanallinone.com). I learnt a lot of SK II products from him. Basically, this Skin rebooster is a traditional mask, it has a gel like consistency. I was advised to use after toner. Basically, i use two pumps and apply it all over my skin, wait for 5-10 minutes and wipe off with 2 sheets of wipes provided. I feel that my face is more hydrated after that. I bought it for a good price ($87) as the SA called me when it was on special.
75G for $130

4) Holika Holika’s pore cleansing oxygen bubble mask.
Living it to bits, please see my full review on my previous post, link is here.


5) SELENA’s cotton pad.
Again, This product was introduced by Miss Liu, this is from Japan as well. I didnt like using cotton pad when I am using toner as products tends to be absorbed by the cotton pad instead on going on my face. Maybe my technique was wrong but, when there are new products to try out, why not? this cotton pad comes in pack of 40, however, each pad contains 5 thin cotton pads. you can actually use one cotton pad to use as a mask and apply it all over your face if you happen to not finish using your toner. I love it as it is cost effective and it’s 100% cotton. =)


Thanks for reading.

Stay beautiful.



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