My current make up routine

I love a flawless look but at times, that cannot be achieve by using the products that I am using at the moment. Freckles are my biggest problem at the moment. Not really happy with that but I am working hard on it.


After cleaning my face and my skincare regime, I will start with:
I am currently using Biotherm’s CC cream in the purple bottle for evenness as I used to have redness around my nose. I love this base for the following reasons: 1) I am lazy to use sunblock as they are too greasy for my liking, I know there are oil free formula but I just dont like it, that’s why I have got freackles. Nonetheless, I have this super base that I am loving at the moment. It has SPF 50+++, so I dont need to put on any sunblock, woohoo! 2) It helps with evenness so my foundation can cover more with less amount of product 3) My make up stays more than 12 hours WITHOUT touch up. I have used primers in the past and my T Zone gets oily after 8 hours, I was not impressed!

I will write another blog about the foundations I have but just a sneak peak, will show you guys the foundations I own. I normally use foundations with medium coverage. I dont like light coverage as I do not want to spend money on something that does not cover faults on my skin, and faults being stubborn pigmentation. When I am lazy, I will use cushion foundation, (I WILL WRITE ANOTHER POST ON CUSHION FOUNDATIONS ONLY BUT THAT WILL TAKE A WHILE AS I AM WAITING FOR MY 5TH ONE TO ARRIVE). Quick to apply. When I have a bit of time, I will use liquid foundation, that is my favourite. I normally use fingers to apply it as they get absorbed quickly and stick beautifully on the skin, the down side to it is I will have dirty fingers as I had just ‘painted’ my face. LOL. I will use brushes as well, but I didnt like it as it used a bit more of my products and they just don’t blend well, I will have to use my fingers to blend it/use a sponge to pat on my skin. (I will have to wash my hands again as my hands will be dirty, Sponge will absorb some of my products and I will loose the coverage I want) There is no win win solution in this case except cushion foundation. Anyway, I WILL WRITE ANOTHER POST ON FOUNDATIONS ONLY and reviews as well.



This, I will have to use my trusted Kabuki brush. I know a lotta people actually use a blush brush, but I just could not be bothered as I’d rather spend the money on skincare and makeups. I am a believer in powder blushes. You can actually kinda ‘control’ the colour.

Setting powder/illuminating powder:
I used to use powder foundation to make my make up stay but it normally cakes after a while, so I kinda stopped using them. In addition, it is very obvious that you are actually using make up. I want the nude make up look, that is why I use illuminating powder, there are a lot of illuminating powder out there, but Guerlain’s Meteorites is my favourite, I will not change my illuminating powder. Givency has recently launched some lovely colours as well, but I think Guerlain does a better job in that sense as they have got more colours. Guerlain will launch Limited Edition products on a regular basis and Meteorites are just so therapeutic, I can just look at them all day. It gives a healthy glow to my face. I just love it.

Any Mascara will do as I am not fuss, as long as they can give life to my eyes, I am happy with it. I do not use false lashes at all, I do not use eye liner as well.

My make up takes only 5 minutes and I spend 20 minutes writing this post. Dear oh dear.
Happy reading.


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