Skincare Routine (Winter 2014 edition)

I love clean skin and so does our skin. As I am a organic/natural freak, I will always try something mild and gentle, best to be organic. I started using Jurlique when I was 21/22 YO and I have always been using their cleansers since then. The one thing I found about their cleansers, my skin feels clean, but, it does not leave my skin feeling dry. I have tried their rose hydrating ones and of cuz their brightening ones. I never felt so good before. I love using my Clarisonic Mia 2 while I clean my face as I believe in technology. Tip to readers: some friends have been asking if Clarisonic is harsh on the skin, I told them, if you are concern, please use a brush head for sensitive skin. That works for me. Products to try: SK II’s Facial Treatment Cleanser, Guerlain’s Secret De Purete, Elizabeth Arden’s Eighth hour(i think that’s how it was called as I could not find it at present) as I got those for free.


I have been using Jurlique’s mist (ALL OF THEM, citrus, lavender and rose). I use them as toners as it will get absorbed first by your skin as toner is the first product you put on your skin, thus, organic/natural is essential. I personally love the rose ones cuz I hate the smell of Lavender and Citrus is for oily skin, rose suits me well. I also use Kiehl’s Calendula toner as they are mild and calming. Avene’s thermal spring water is also one of the toners I use. I love them to bits as they are really hydrating and my skin just loves them. Products to try: My next to try list includes SK II’s Cellumination mask in lotion just to add a bit of radiance to my skin. Estee Lauder’s Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion is next on the list as well as this is a new Asia exclusive product. (The magic about this potion is that it wont clog pores and will not cause breakouts. It is formulated in Asia).

Pre serum

As Pre serum, the SK II’s Facial Treatment Essence is a must. I cannot emphasis enough how much I hated SK II before I used them and after using them for 3 months now, I just love them. My skin loves it. My face has not been smoother before. If one product can be sold for 30 years and sill be their best selling products, you have gotta try them. FTE is something that will be on my permanent routine and something that I will not change.

I am in love with serum as they are concentrated nutrients for the skin. Serums I am using at the moment includes Lancome’s Advanced Genefique, Visionnaire, SK II’s Spot Whitening Specialist, Stempower Essence. I normally rotate them, but I will use SK II’s Spot Whitening Specialist on a daily basis as I cannot just discontinue a whitening product just like that. I was told today that I should stop using Spot Whitening Specialist as my skin is currently dehydrated or I can use SK II’s Repair C Booster before using Spot Whitening Specialist. Products to try includes: SK II’s cellumination essence to add radiance to my skin. Clarin’s Double Serum.


Eye cream
Fine lines are now visible and putting make up on does not help. I dont know why my make up makes it even more visible. Fine lines under the eyes are the first sign of ageing!!! NO! I hate that word. I am currently using Lancome’s Genifique Yeux Light Pearl and Lancome’s Visionnaire Yeux eye cream. I will always use the Genifique Yeux light pearl first before using the Visionnaire yeux. A closer look into GYLP. The tear drop metal piece is a technology invented so we can massage our eye bags and such as it is cool, but I prefer not to use it that way as I am a nurse and from a infection control perspective, it is not ideal. I know I am the only one using it, but, it’s just me, instead, I will use my ring finger to GENTLY massage it under my eyes. There is a plactic applicator for VY and we are supposed to apply it on a 45 degree outwards as you do not want to pull the fragile under eye skin. I can slowly see the results but it definitely takes some time to get rid of them. Any suggestions for good cream is welcome! I was also told today that SK II’s Facial Treatment Essence eye is for puffiness and SK II’s signature may be too creamy, not ideal for use in the morning. I really dont know what to do now with my eyes.


I am too lazy to use moisturisers in the morning. I normally stop after putting some serum and apply base for make up. I guess that contributes to the dehydration of the skin. At night, I use Jurlique’s Herbal recovery night cream, SK II’s stem power when I feel my skin needs it. I hate applying moisturisers in the daytime as I feel that my skin gets oily too quickly. Products to try: Kiehls’s 24H Ultra Moisturising cream. (the good thing about this is it can be used as day cream and night cream), Guerlain’s Orchidee Imperiale, Biotherm’s White D-tox (that is an impulsive buy).


Weekly routine:
Mask: My beauty Diary is good enough for me for the moment. When I am too lazy, I will use Jurlique’s antioxidant gel mask. For daily mask, I am using Holika Holika’s daily Vit C mask, I didnt quite like it as I feel that it was not as hydrating as the others, my rationale is because it’s a daily one, but anyway. Products To try: SK II’s 3D mask, Jurlique’s Intensive recovery mask, Jurlique’s hydrating mask, Aesop’s mask.


Exfoliator: Exfoliating is quite important as dead skin will prevent products being absorbed properly, making make up harder to stay on the skin, dullness. I use Dior’s gentle Exfoliator. I have used different exfoliator in the past and didnt like it as the particles are too big and my skin sting after using them. I dont have the above problem when I was using Dior’s.

End of my current skincare regime. Thank you for reading.



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