Our Little Gathering

HI Everyone,

Some may not know that I actually left Adelaide 3 years ago as I got a job in Sydney before I graduate from uni. I have left behind all my friend and such. Coming to a new city with no friends was not easy. I had to start from zero. I remembered the first here and I have no clue on hot to catch a train. OMG, story of my life. Nontheless, I have made some friends here and I am happy to meet some skincare/make up lovers while I am here. It is not easy for me as most people my age are not so into it. So, I ended up being so lonely, LOL, having no one to talk to about skin care and make ups. Until I meet… Lillian and Monica~~~

Yesterday was our first little gathering as I do shift work and such. I know it is not easy to organise a date that suits everyone but I really do appreciate from the bottom of my heart that the effort you guys put in. Long story short, I am glad I found people to talk to about make up. =)

We basically talked about our holy grail make up and skincare yesterday. Being a Chanel and SK II convert, I introduced Chanel’s foundation and SK II’s Facial treatment Essence and Whitening Spot Specialist.

New products that were introduced and discussed were:

1) Tatcha’s Camellia Beauty Oil shared by Lillian. I am new to Tatcha and Lillian is the one who introduced me to Tatcha, I had a look at their website as I am as curious as a cat to find out more good products. This particular beauty oil can be used on face, body and hair, that really amazed me as I hunt came across anything that actually does that. It has got 24 karat gold flakes to give beautiful skin. Please research how Gold flakes can enhance your skin. (Reminds me of Guerlain’s base, I need to buy that). It smells nice without the use of any synthetic fragrances.  USD 98

2) Diptyque’s Radiance Boosting Powder shared by Lillian, Once again, I do not own anything from Diptyque as I do not know that they exist in Australia, yes they do exist, you can get them from Mecca Cosmetics. I would love to try that on!!! USD 58

3) Kose’s Sekkisei mask shared by Monica. I have seen a lot of Kose stores in malaysia But I have never seen any in Australia. However, they can be purchased online in Strawberry net. This is a must buy for me, I will get a good guy friend to bring it in from Singapore when he next visits Australia. I tried it on my hand, only a thin layer, when it dries out, that patch was instantly brighter, fine lines are less obvious and I feel good!SGD 35. good value!

Last but not least, pictures!!!! Part of the products.



Pressies from Both Lillian and Monica. THANKS HEAPS! Most importantly, we had fun!






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