Passion is Fashionable

Hi Everyone, 

It’s Mother’s Day today, I am not working today as I am rostered off, yay! Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation has been my holy grail foundation since ages ago. I was hesitant to try out new foundations till I went back to Malaysia, the price if so much cheaper than Australia. That’s why I was like, I need to buy some and try. I bought Le Blanc and I used that yesterday, Oh My Gosh, I love it!

First of all, I WANT to say that I am not a big fan of Chanel’s cosmetics, but as I tried some of their products, I will definitely purchase more. 


LE Blanc is Chanel’s whitening range. It has got whitening molecules to reduce pigmentation, Pearl Extract to inhibits dullness,and LE blanc to correct unevenness. Long story short, it is filled with a lotta goodies in a bottle. 

Things I Personally look for in foundations.

1) Long wear: As my shift is 8 hours long, I DO NOT want my face to be oily and make up smearing everywhere. I have got some bad experience with that, omg. Le Blanc is perfect as I did not finish my face with powder and at the 8th hour, my T Zone started to have a teeny bit of shine, I am overall happy with it. Advice for self: I will powder my T Zone in the future to finish off my face. 

2) SPF: As I am lazy to put on Sun screen, it is essential to have a minimal of SPF 30, and with Le Blanc, it has 3 pluses, yay! SPF 30+++, which is awesome. 

3) Skincare properties In make up: I love foundations that have skincare elements in them because as we are applying make up, we are actually looking after our skin. It has got Liquorice Extract to offer luminous complexion. Pearl Protein to boost hydration and corrects yellow and dull skin. I have yellow based skin tones, and when it is dull, omg, i want to hide myself. 

4) Coverage: medium to full coverage i should say for Le blanc, I hardly need to use any concealer for my freckles.

5) Cost saving: 2 pumps of the Le blanc will do for my whole face when I am blending it with my fingers, awesome? yes! with the amounts of coverage and such.

6) Scent: smells nice and calming, I really need that as that is aromatherapy for me. LOL. 


Thanks for reading.

I hope everyone will have beautiful skin! I am working hard towards that. =)




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